Inventory Services

Inventory Report

An inventory is a key part of the rental process that creates a before, during and after picture of the rental property. It is an in-depth report, detailing the contents of the property and every aspect of its condition.

The inventory itself is an extensive account of all items within the property and documents its condition. It lists everything from cutlery to the colours and condition of the walls. Standard recommendations advise the production of a new inventory document after every tenancy agreement, in order to correctly reflect the properties contents and condition. This minimises the risk of disputes with tenants over the return of deposits at the end of the contract.

The inventory report is a binding document carried out by a third party. This ensures a fair and unbiased process, protecting both the tenant and landlord. If tenants are aware that the state and contents of the property have been itemised, they are more likely to ensure that the property is left in the same condition in which it was originally let. This gives both tenants and landlords piece of mind and ease during the deposit process. Bluebird Inventory is an independent company, that provides an unbiased report on the condition of the property and its contents throughout the rental lifecycle.

All of our inventory reports are professionally compiled in line with accredited industry standards. Professional and quality work is embedded within our ethos, ensuring we maintain exceptional results. Our reports are compiled of detailed narrative descriptions, HQ digital photography and succinct, easy to read templates. The services we offer, involve visits to the rental property followed by a full Inventory inspection. We itemise the fixtures, fittings, contents and the condition of the property including any furniture, where applicable.


Check-in Report

Inventories are significantly important now that tenancy deposit schemes are in place across the UK, forming critical evidence in cases of disputes. In order to ensure that tenants and landlords are confident with their deposit agreements and conditions of the property, the check-in service is one we offer.

Our detailed reports at the time of check-in, allow both tenants and landlords to agree on the condition of the property. With the use of electronic signatures, the report is multi-purpose and can be sent to all relevant parties in a timely manner. The reports can then be stored for use during the interim or check-out report process.

Interim Report

When a property is let, it is beneficial for both the landlord and tenant to keep the process as smooth as possible for a positive experience. Effective communication is vital and all issues relating to the property need to to be resolved quickly and efficiently by both parties.
An interim report is carried out during a tenancy agreement. The purpose of this report is to note any changes in the condition of the property’s fixtures and fittings. This is beneficial as it can alert landlords to any damage that may have occurred due to faulty equipment, or possible mistreatment of furniture and carpets.
An Interim Report will identify:
• If any urgent action is required where safety issues have become apparent
• If the property appears to require substantial repair or cleaning due to the current occupant
If minor repair or cleaning issues are identified, it is a good reminder for tenants of their liability and deposit agreements. This also provides accurate and up-to date information for the landlord, ensuring regular updates of records.

Interim reports are recommended by the National Landlord Association to resolve any issues and avoid possible disputes, giving tenants and landlords a review of the property condition mid agreement.


Check-out Report

At the end of the tenancy we return to the property to conduct the inventory check-out report.
Using the check-in report, we document and photograph any discrepancies and changes in the condition with particular attention to cleanliness, defects and any repairs that may be required. Our clerks will determine whether any damage is a result of the actions of the tenant or fair wear and tear.

The property inventory clerk will collect the keys from the tenant and return them to the agents or landlord and take final utility meter readings. As an independent third party our detailed reports allow landlord and tenants to quickly finalise the release of the deposit. We ensure the timely completion of our reports to allow tenants and landlords to come to an agreement on the return of deposits.

Bluebird Inventory Ltd is a member of the Association of Independent Inventory Clerks